Marine Raider Boat Challenge – 22 July 2018 – San Clemente, CA


The Marine Raider Boat Challenge (MRBC) will be a playoff bracket of 8 x 6-person boat teams.  Teams will race against each other to paddle out past the surf, broach (flip) the boat and paddle back ashore.  This event will be featured in San Clemente’s annual Ocean Festival.


The MRBC will be a great opportunity to reconnect with current/former Special Operators and spend a fun day in the surf!  We will also host an after-party at a location TBD in San Clemente.


Our goal is to raise $25k to send any living WWII Marine Raiders to the annual Marine Raider Reunion in Washington DC. 

For anyone that has had the privilege of meeting a WWII Raider, it’s a life-changing experience. These men are some of the most humble legends from the greatest generation still alive. They look forward to the Raider reunion each year because it is their opportunity to link up and celebrate. This is why we are dedicating our efforts during the Marine Raider Boat Challenge to raising funds necessary to provide travel and logistics for this year’s Marine Raider Reunion. 

What is required of you:
Willingness to raise money (minimum of $1k per person) for a SOF Charity of your choice (via Facebook)
Willingness to complete physically and mentally challenging amphibious course
Positive Mental Attitude

What the Marine Raider Challenge will provide you:
Schwag from Sponsors
Opportunity to win legit prizes

NOTE: To save money and push more funds to the non-profits we serve, we will NOT be able to provide hotel rooms for participants for the MRBC.



Send a quick note to and let us know how you want to help out.